Answered By: Greg Szczyrbak
Last Updated: Nov 12, 2019     Views: 89

1. If this is your first time using Course Reserves, follow these instructions first.

2. To begin choose Create a New Course (under Course Tools)

3. Complete form according to the course to be create

  • Course Name : This is the official title of the course (i.e. Europe and the World)
  • Course Number:  4-Letter abbreviation for the course and the number (i.e. MATH 101 ; ART 100 is the exception to the rule since it is only a 3-letter abbreviation.
  • Course Instructor:  Verify his / her name is imported correctly into the field : Last Name, First Name
  • Course Department:  Department the course is being offered.
  • Course Semester:  The semester that the professor wishes it to be active.
  • Course Enrollment:  According to student roster, else use maximum enrollment allowed in the course according to the registrar’s office.

4. Click Create Class

5. Click Subscribe Now - to receive e-mail notifications of item status changes

6. You are now ready to Add items to Course Reserves